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Townsville Fire Doors specialise in the supply, installation, and repair of Special Purpose Doors, Frames, and Hardware.

About Townsville Fire Doors


Townsville Fire Doors offer a large range of specialist fire, smoke, sliding, and shielding resistant systems tested and certified to Australian Standards and requirements.

Our team includes qualified tradesmen and industry professionals, who provide you with the highest quality service in the Townsville region. With years in the industry and a reputation built on consistent results, Townsville Fire Doors has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your project goal, no matter the size or requirements.

Townsville Fire Doors specialise in E-Core fire doors that have been designed and tested to provide strong and durable use for over 20 years. Containing no asbestos, ceramic, or mineral fibres, the E-Core homogenous internal construction means there is no risk of internal delamination of layered boards or loose infill packaging materials.

Mould proof and built with significant acoustic properties, E-Core fire doors has one of the most significant libraries of fire testing approvals available in the industry.

You can trust Townsville Fire Doors to supply, install, and repair to Australian Standards.


The Townsville Fire Doors Process

1. Measure and Supply

2. Door Installation

3. On-going Maintenance

Please refer to structural features section

Fire Door Services


Residential Fire Doors, Smoke Doors, Smoke Curtains and Shutters, and Exit Doors. For light use residential applications with up to a 2 hour fire rating.


Commercial Fire Doors, Smoke Doors, Smoke Curtains and Shutters, and Exit Doors. For commercial applications with up to a 4 hour fire rating available.


Industrial/Mining Radiation Shielding Doors, Cold Shield Doors, Solid Core Doors, and Sliding Doors. For applications in factories, mines, shopping complexes, and hospitals.


Acoustic Fire Doors, Smoke Doors, Smoke Curtains and Shutters, Exit Doors, and Sliding Doors. For applications in cinemas, theatres, hotels, and law courts.

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Townsville Fire Doors FAQ

Check out some of our frequently asked questions, or contact us if you have a specific issue.

Being more complex than standard doors, fire doors are made up of multiple components, including the core, perforated plates that reinforce essential hardware, door skins, and timber rails. Fire doors can also be supplied with glazed glass and fireproof relief air registers.

Fire door, or fire-rated door set, are doors required to close and latch by themselves. A fire door set consist of the leaf, frame, and associated hardware (handles, locks, viewing panels, and air grills etc). They form part of a building’s overall passive fire protection system.

Maintenance and inspection frequency is determained by the building classification. Most cases for a commercial building is every 6 months, with residential and industrial buildings annually. Call your fire service provider to ensure that you are meeting your obligations.

Fire Door Installation Safety

Townsville Fire Doors specialise in the supply, installation, and repair of Special Purpose Doors, Frames, and Hardware.

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